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My brother is leaving for new zealand on the 23rd






"Sammy took his first steps yesterday. He walked toward Dean” - John Winchester’s journal


Sammy took his last steps today. He walked toward Dean.


i am a force in this universe. i am forever

abaddon version




aggressively reads your readmores to make sure you’re okay

aggressively doesn’t know what to do when you’re not okay

aggressively anon messages you nice but awkward things in an attempt to make you feel better


Endangered bird hatches from egg held together with glue, tape
From repairing crushed eggs to developing alluring perfumes that encourage breeding, conservationists are determined to save New Zealand’s rare kakapo.

Why go to this much trouble? You won’t believe how hard these birds are to save.

“Yeah, I do all the stuff I can. Let’s be frank, if you are in an action film, you are not in it for the characters, you are in it for the action – the stunts. If they take that away from you, it’s a sad story! I have damaged everything: knees, elbows, ribs. But I’m an old gymnast. I know how to survive.” – Mads Mikkelsen on doing his own stunts.


Sherlock meme

↝ eight quotes (6/8): Today you sit between the woman you have made your wife and the man you’ve saved. In short, the two people who love you most in all this world.



so i saw this and the first thing i thought of was “WOULDN’T THIS HURT THO” and i was really concerned about how uncomfortable this thing would be until i realized

i was at Claire’s

it was just a pen

i cannot believe i broke 1000 folloWers overnight because of a post about a goddamn rAINBOW CACTUS DILDO PEN


Portraits Made Electric by Luminescent Neon Paint

by Hid Saib

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